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Do you know the spreader

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  Automatic cloth machine only one person operation, one person can complete the spread work. The remaining staff can cope with other processes, saving costs and increasing efficiency. Quality: cutting the spread the cloth before the effect directly affects the quality of the finished product, after cutting found negative influence is beyond repair, and have emerged on the quality of the finished product, this kind of problem in hands spread quite common cloth, using automatic machine shop is the best guarantee to solve the problem of this. Another advantage of using automatic paving machine can greatly improve the image of the production plant. When customers visit the production mode and the production of garment equipment, the automatic machine shop is the most reliable and effective way to ensure quality, cost and efficiency.
  To improve competitiveness, the use of clothing equipment can be backward. How do you know the advantages and disadvantages of automatic spreading machine? Machine shop in the clothing industry has existed for many years, but in the past have not been able to record, because before the introduction of computer control technology, the old and traditional control technology has to go to the limit, a lot of problems cannot operation breakthrough, such as feed line and the machine can't accurate synchronization, both downtime cannot be accurate positioning, the problem such as weight and inertia force, are serious affect the performance of spread the cloth. It is now entered into the era of science and technology, features: speed regulation USES rotation twist to adjust, deceleration buffer needs to be on the right and left of the bed to make slow train track.
  As long as the careful reference of the various functions of the machine, how many items are actually controlled by the computer, it is easy to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the spreading machine. A lot of people think that it's a common misconception that a spreading machine has a light touch screen that is equivalent to computer control. Because the light touch display screen can only be used as a kind of information display and control of the electromechanical switch, so it is not necessary that the machine is controlled by the computer. How to distinguish the degree of computerization of the laying machine, it is not difficult to tell apart from careful comparison. Control programming written in rewriting stored within the electronic components, these electronic components are vulnerable to the power supply noise and external interference, magnetic and to control the programming to make damage to operation, stability and safety are a problem.
  The cloth machine is also known as a "drawing machine" or "tow cloth machine", which is a professional equipment used in the cutting table of the fabric that will be rolled before cutting the fabric in the sewing production. As a kind of high-tech professional equipment, the texture and properties of fabric, material storage and handling way, discharge method, laying machine structure, lab and cutting equipment of the feed system of the combination and arrangement of various factors, to spread machine lab might affect the quality and effect.
  The production of automatic cropping system has improved the product line of yoda brand, so that the company can provide a complete cutting scheme and equipment for the majority of users. With the automatic cutting system, the brand will be able to provide its users with the main equipment for cutting the room of garment manufacturers including automatic cropping system, automatic laying machine and cutting machine. At the same time, the major initiatives of automatic cropping system in China will greatly enhance the image of yida brand in cropping field and greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
  With the increase of labor cost and raw material cost, automatic production equipment, including automatic cropping system, is becoming the only way for the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry. Automatic cropping system has obvious advantages such as provincial labor, material saving and efficiency. In addition, automatic cropping system can help garment manufacturers improve product quality and enhance corporate image. Due to the broad market prospect, the company has been involved in the production of automatic cropping system in recent years.