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How to maintain the automatic laying machine

Catetory:COMPANY NEWS  Date:2016-07-20 09:11:56  Clicks:434  [back]
  The automatic paving machine is specially designed for all kinds of fabrics that need to be along the same wool material. Compared with other products, it is easy to operate and can handle complex spreading process. The laying machine improves our production, keeps running, and we should give regular maintenance to it.
  First of all need to drive part of the equipment in the main motor, main drive sprocket gear to refuel in the regular inspection and timely maintenance, to ensure the machine transmission parts to maintain good lubrication condition.
  In addition, in regular inspection, if the parts are found to have serious wear and tear, they must be replaced in time.
  Secondly, we need to remove the electric motor, the dust in the transmission parts and the cloth debris in the transmission machine.
  Finally, in the process of daily use, we always to spread machine photoelectric switch, trip switch, relay, and the transmission part of the machine shop check the self-contained silk, so that we can effectively guarantee the machine shop work effectively for a long time.